1.8 Open!

Adrilidexus a posted Oct 27, 14

Hi guys! Long time no see!

Okay, so if you join the server now, you will see not one, not two...not three....but multiple changes. We are running as vanilla as possible for the time being, and what will come in the future is to be debated. We do plan on adding quests into the map, but there will not be a shop as there was prior.

There was also a mega overhaul of how things are being done, so lets settle them!
First off, if you will notice, the site has a new layout, some features have been added, and a donation button was included. To comply with the EULA, I am working from morning to night brainstorming and navigating the internet, to find what will work best for you all and what will not. A text scroller has been added, but it's purpose yet remains unknown. Maybe news? Maybe quests? Maybe tips and tricks? Who knows!
Onto the rules! This has been a long endured battle, and I have done my best to tackle what I see as unjust, and to ensure fairness. First and foremost, we will still remain open to all ages, all denominations, as this is the right thing to do. We will not discriminate, and I can assure you that I will not tolerate any discrimination from anyone, staff or player. If you feel like the staff is causing you trouble, you are free to message me or email me, and I will get right to it. Racial slurs are going to be cracked down on the most. Now, I'm cool if you throw out a "nigga, what are you doing", but not if you keep abusing this. If someone asks that you not say something, don't say it. If you are harassing, you will be reprimanded if we catch you(and we have logs if you try to weasel out of it).
You may remember starting classes from last map..well, that is definitely planned. I am hoping for this map to go with an RPG style, but it is up to you guys and what you want. As usual, items will not be cheated or hacked in, so do not ask. You may find some custom enemies and bosses, and that may be tethered to a quest. If you find an unbreakable item from said quest, do not keep it, it was more than likely left from development, and we need to tweak the codes. Do not break into structures, do not break anything that is man-made. If there is a barrier, then it is there for a reason.
I do not intend to be as strict as we were last map. I do not care as much about how many animals you may own, or if you replant, that is between you and the players. However, try to be conservative with your exploration. Last map, we had quite a few gigs of data, and it was a nightmare to back-up.
As always, if you have a suggestion, please leave it in the suggestion forum, if you find a bug, let us know! And I promise, we do not bite. :)
Take care, guys! Shad out.
~FrafCraft Owner